Episode Title Producer
Volume V Episodes
37 - Portals

Hiero Matrix Romp Manfred Smollich

Hairless Janene Higgins

Mark Chung interview OffLine

Black and White Blackchair Productions

Van Gogh's Ear Wen-Chung Wu

38 - Birds

Orange Julia Tom Ross

Desecration Dante Tomaselli

Change To the Other Side Lisa Karp

Tim McCann interview OffLine

We're Pastie to be Grill You Rachel Roth

Same Old Song and Dance Sandy Dyas

Dimache. 1er. Regina. Le Vent Marie-Helene Cousineau

39 - Humor

Stop Pickin' at His Bones PWB

Oh Shit That's My Mind Matt Wilkins

Death and A Salesman Joe Grisaffi

Kirk-o-Matic feature OffLine

9 Brief Pieces Russ and Taly Johnson

Field Sequence Nancy Ghertner

40 - Boxes

Boxes George Nadeau

Shadow Boxes Barbara Rosenthal

Mamoun Sakkal feature OffLine

Little Cube Jason Simmons

Fur Film Alak Films

41 - Insects

To See or Not to See Terese Svoboda

From the Journal of a Fly Tom Ross

Thelma Schoonmaker feature OffLine

The Chameleon Charles Wilson

Ignorance is Bliss

Don't Deal Dirt Alak Films

Conjugations Elouise Oyzon

42 - Water

Water Kelly Murray

Trout Wish Whose Family

Waters of Grace Frank Clare

Tall feature OffLine

Forgetting We Are Water Lynn Shelton

43 - Rebirth

Shed Your Skin Chad Bracken

Ishtar Scott Noegel/Greg Bowman

Sacrifice Leslie Streit

She Slept but a Few Hours Sandy Dyas

Ronald Gonzalez's Incantations OffLine

Peas 'n Corn Tag Purvis

Rebirth of Larry Helden Sun

Goodnight Irene Gretchen Miller-Stephan